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Spider-man 00s tribute
I have to be honest 2000-2009 is probably my least favorite decade as far as Spider-man comics go. No, I don't care if you hate the dark and gritty era that was dominant in the 90's or if you think modern comics are nothing but SJW propaganda the first decade of this millennium  will always be the worst. That is not to say that it diden't  have it's spark for one thing the decade ended the story ark of one of my favorite Spider-man villains, that villain being senator Stewart Ward and luckely he has never returned and neither did the Fusion(Markley) or Luke Carlyle or any of the villains who both started out and died during the decade. So, yes death was for a moment treated seriously in Spider-man comics not that their haven't been villains who have stayed dead before but they are few and far between.

Overall the first years are honestly not that bad the story about Mary Jane being kidnapped and missing for days by a Mysterious stalker who always introduces himself by offers her a red lolipop is really exciting although the conclusion to that story is a bit strange even for Spider-man. Stewart Wards story arc is in my opinion far superior. What I like it that he is really not that much hot stuff in the beginning of the arc and comes of as more of a defensless citizien who has simply been digging his hole to deep in the criminal world for his own good(Kinda like Norman Osborne in Spider-man TAS) with that being said he reveals himself as a true menace to the world and to be far more dangerous then the likes of Lizard or Dr. Doom and it is glorious and without giving to much away he literally goes out with a bang.

However were the decade falls sort is at it's middle. To those of you who are also Marvel readers such as myself might guess that it is somehow related to civil war and you are both wrong and right on that one as the catalyst to the worst retcon in comic book history does indeed happen because of events in civil war but the seeds were sown before that particular incident enter sins past. Say have you ever read a REALLY bad fanfiction? You know the ones that have a really unimaginative recolor, long lost relatives and a really forced paring that is only made because the two characters are only paired with each other because they have had some rich history together all be it none sexual? Well, that is pretty much sins past in a nutshell were Spider-mans former love interest Gwen Stacy is revealed to have had sex with the man that infamously killed her later and Spawned a long lost relative who looks exactly like Gwen herself to the point were Spider-man and friends have to run a test to make sure she is not a clone. But wait! It is also revealed that the two had another child and this one grew up to become a recolor of the Green Goblin which I kid you not names himself the Gray goblin. So yeah now you can see were my the comparison to bad fanfiction comes from however it gets worse.

Remember when I told you that civil war played a part in the downfall of Spider-mans comics? Well, Spider-ma reveals his identity to the public during the civil war story line(and for no good reason I might add) so surprise, surprise when one of his relatives(In this case it is his aunt) gets killed like Spider-man always feared would happen were his identity to be revealed. It seems like it will be impossible to save her life but then the devil shows up and offers his help in exchange for Spider-mans Marriage. If this seems like an odd setup for a story it is because the whole story was simple written so that Spider-man can remain unmarried and single because people think that will make his character and stories as good as they were in the 60s and 70s. What those people however fail to realize is that  those old stories were great because all those old villains and tropes that have become so iconic for Spider-man were all fresh and new at the time or at least they were in the 60s. However to be even more retro it is also decided that the deal with the devil also revives Spider-mans long death friend and foe Harry Osborne who had died during the series run in the 90s and as if that was not insult enough to the decade they also kill of the 90s best villain Carnage in another series, ugh. 

So, yeah you can probably see why I am not particularly found of this decade as it stomps progression in favor of reviving a past that already had its time in the sun. That is not to say that the rest decade was complete Garbage. In fact the character of Cliffton Shalon is probably the best Vulture since the original Adrian Tomes and Spider-man finally became a member of the avengers(it was about time) but overall the decade left the Spider-man in a state that it is still recovering from and it will always be my least favorite but with that being said it still deserved this tribute since it was not a complete waist and because it is a big part of Spider-mans history regardless of how I might feel about it as a whole.
In a galaxy far far away...Doomsday!
According to the origin of Doomsday he was wandering various planets before he got imprisoned and sent to earth. So I thought it would not be unreasonable to assume that he might have come across a planet in a galaxy far far away.

Ironically DC comic's have never owned the right to Star wars and since they don't own the franchise currently I doubt I will ever see it outside fan-art such as this.


I,m here because I am all about fiction ore fiction is what I am all about.


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